I am an architect, artist and researcher. My practice spans projects in housing, institutional, and public buildings within Egypt and the Arab region, focusing on designing within historical fabrics. Having a particular emphasis on the historical roots of traditional local architecture and its connection to modern society.

In addition to practicing conceptual architecture, I work between Alexandria and Marseille since 2020 as an independent cultural consultant/advisor for cultural cooperation within several academic and cultural institutions. My fields of expertise varied between conducting field research and studies. Designing, developing, and implementing urban heritage and social strategies projects. Including lecturing on shared cultural heritage and conducting action-oriented workshops and short courses.

In 2013 I founded Description of Alexandria, a documentation project for the cultural heritage of the city of Alexandria, seeking to document the city’s heritage and its architectural and cultural memories, presenting a true and actual image of today’s Alexandria and the recollections of the past. It also seeks to enhance the engagement of society in preserving its legacy through long-term awareness. My responsibilities are ranging from conducting both field surveys and academic research about the endangered architectural built heritage in the city. Working on producing preliminary architectural documentation about the buildings as well as the related historical narrative. By working individually and with volunteers of young architects and artists, I am trying to shed light on the importance of our heritage, by studying social history and its impact on modern society. The aim is to spread the acquired knowledge by making them available online and through lectures and public talks. This work could have further potential to provide a wide-scale survey and library for the architecture and culture of Alexandria, involving engaging the public and capturing the narratives associated with the built heritage.

My artwork is driven by social and cultural influences and has been on display in different local and international exhibitions.