Khan Khalil

I once was about to exit the shop, opened the door, stepped out, and was almost hit by a youngster on a skateboard speeding on the sidewalk in front of my door” … The husband tells me. The eye can not miss the shopfront with the curved corner. A façade of oriental features is marked by three bays of Pseudo three-centered arch. Wooden openings with glass panels are ornamented by wooden Islamic patterns that reflect the spirit of Cairo. The stucco frieze with floral details that unifies the top of the façade, gives the impression of Levantine tiles craft. Crowned with the shop name in bas-relief text, twice in Arabic read Khan El-Khalili (ending with I) and, once in Latin letters Khan Khalil (without I). Marina Zahos a Greek Alexandrian, tells me: “This Bazar which once was part of the Zogheb palace was founded by the Levantine Edward Anawati, it is my family inheritance“… Marina and her husband describe how they could observe the rapidly changing Alexandrian society. Every little change can impact your business. The client’s background and taste come in the first place after the quality and diversity of the handicrafts and the know-how of the artisans. Back to the skateboard story. I always see young boys and girls on skateboards and roller skating shoes. This sport has become popular for maybe more than 10 years. From my observations, the users of those skateboards usually choose to play in groups and there are concentrated mainly in two places. Firstly on the wide and relatively flat sidewalk in front of the faculty of engineering . And secondly, Fouad avenue because of the street’s linearity which grantee a long ride. I can not blame the owner of Khan Khalil, as the side is no longer a safe place for him. Neither, I can not blame the boy or girl who misuses the sidewalk… What else did the city offer him or her?

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