Maqha New Crystal

These panels of wood and glass were the entrance of an old traditional coffee houses on the corniche, which was completely demolished in 2019.

The Arabic writing says Maqha New Crystal – or the coffee house of New Crystal. The off-white colored building had no architectural significance, but it was elegant and simple, a typical building that you can find in many mediterranean cities. It consisted of 3 floors in addition to the ground. The coffee house entrance was on the seaside. And I guess the building block consisted of two attached buildings with one united facade. That means there were two separated entrances from the two side streets perpendicular on the corniche. Before the demolition the building was in bad shape but not deteriorated. In my opinion the value of the build was its age, and that it belonged to an era and specific architectural style .I was not a big fan that coffee house, but like everyone I had related memories. It was there where I met my friend, the French painter Julien Solé. He was drawings the interior of the place which was normally full of people. On the table in front of us there were a young male and female.

Suddenly we glimpsed the boy coming aggressively and shouting at Julien: What are you doing!!! I am drawing the cafe, Julien answered.You don’t have the right to draw my fiancée, delete it, the boy answered back.Julien answered desperately: I cannot draw a coffee house without people!