DW 1883

Al Mancheia Al Soghayara

On the same side, few meters after the doorway I came closer to the clean glass vitrine of the old shop Maison Raphael and knocked the glass door. Someone inside turned the lights off to tell they were closing. I insisted with a smile. Hesitating came the old man, opened the door, smiled back and said we close 2:30 son. I smiled again and said may I take a photo of your shop’s facade. With a surprised look he answered looking at my sketchbook and neatly sharpened pencil: yyyes son hum, but… what do you do?

I am an architect and I love old buildings.
He repeated again: yes yes son of course. Look also at the opposite building; it is a school of 5 or 6 hundred years.
I smiled and said yes it is old… Hum do you want to see my drawings. He nodded with a happy shiny eyes and uttered: no one cares about old buildings anymore son… nor old people…

Inside the shop after he invited me for a coffee I knew that DW refers to the original owner of the old and once chic building but he didn’t know the name.

DW refers to: Dewaik Jewish Family