Commander Gohar Street

شارع القائد جوهر

The street ends at El Tahrir square, El Mansheia in front of Mohamed Ali statue

هو ابو الحسن بن عبد الله مؤسس القاهرة ويلقب بالكاتب او جوهر الصقلى. ولد فى ارض الروم ومن ثم ل بالرومى، واحضر الى القيروان فى جملة من احضروا اليها من الاسرى. تنقل جوهر لدى اسياد اشتروه ثم قدمه الخصي خفيف الى الخليفة الفاطمى اسماعيل المنصور فجعله تابعه الخاص. وفى عهد المعز لدين الله الفاطمى ارتقى جوهر من منصب الكتابة الى الوزارة، ثم سار اميرا لامراء الجيش، وبرز فى القيادة حتى اصبح اعظم قواد الفاطميين

His name is Jawhar al-Siqilli, which means “Jawhar the Sicilian”, founder of the largest city in the Arab world “Cairo”. We do not know when he was born but we know exactly when he died – February 1st 992 AD, for by that time he was the most important military leader in Fatimid history. During the period of Imam al-Mansur, Jawhar was brought as a slave to Kairwan and was presented before the Imam where he was made as his personal attendant. Then, Imam al-Muizz appointed him as his Katib/writer and since then, he became known as Jawhar al-Katib “Jawhar the writer”. Later he was made the commander-in-chief of the Fatimid forces, and was assigned to subdue the remaining parts of the Maghrib.

Who knows I maybe one of his descendants!