Tarek for refilling and repairing all kinds of lighters

For sale in the Friday Market, Alexandria

On the little wooden display cabinet, written in Arabic: Tarek (the name of the owner) for refilling and repairing all kinds of lighters.

During the early 90s of the past century and before the mass capitalism invades Egypt, I used to live in a less consumerist and more sustainable society. Our culture was different as we were still associated with the words; produce, reproduce, reuse, restore, fix and repair. It was the norm to have that concept applied in all aspects of our lives. The common interest was not in favor of collecting lots of products, goods, machines or electronics. It was not really easy and accessible, nor cheap enough for everyone to buy. It was a time when we were keeping what we have for longer periods as long as they were still in good conditions and serving what we really need. For instance my father like all smokers used to have cigarettes’ lighters. And when they were out of gas or in need to be fixed, he used to take them to a professional like the one in this photo. As a kid and later teenager I could have seen this little cabinet in many streets and corners of the downtown of Alexandria. Now it is very rare to come across such professions.