Alexandria Today Week

From 19 to 27 October 2022

الإسكندرية اليوم

Alexandria Today week is an event taking place in downtown Alexandria. This event is designed to generate discussion on the city’s image of today. During the tailored program of the week, a selected number of international and local guest speakers, experts and artists are invited to share their experiences on the city concept with the Alexandrian audiences. Two intensive workshops will give space to learn and apply the acquired knowledge and methodology on the city. The activities will close with the inauguration of THE CITY IMAGE exhibition which would open to local artists to participate and share their vision of Alexandria today.

This event is organized by Mohamed Gohar and Léon Dubois with the support of l’Art Rue, co-funded by the EU.

At Shelter Art Space, 19, 20, 22 October

OBSERVING THE CITY Linguistic discourse of urban and architecture”

Mohamed Gohar

This masterclass is designed for (20 participants) both specialists and/or nonspecialists in URBAN & ARCHITECTURE. The main aim is:

– Understand how the city works

– Reflect on what had shaped Us

– Reflect on who we are today and how the city is changing/shaping us

– Understand how we shape the city in return 

– Communicate information and understanding

“Introduction to film photography & archival research “

Léon Dubois

This workshop aims to initiate a number of participants to the technique of film photography: how to process a film? How to print a photograph in a darkroom? Part of the workshop will be focusing on archival research: how to work on the archive as material for artistic research but also how to archive our own work as photographers.

Sixteen participants are divided into two groups during three sessions.

OBSERVING THE CITY masterclass, photos credit:the author

At Anna Lindh Foundation, 25, 26, 27 October

Tuesday 25.10.2022

  • Welcoming and project introduction by the organizers
  • Dr. Maye Yehia (Arab Academy) EN: Reading the urban fabric of Alexandria: A brief history of urban mobility and transportation of the city
  • Dr. Francesco Careri (Roma University) EN: Stalkers & Observatorion Nomad: Approaching the city through the walks

Wednesday 26.10.2022

  • Dr. Jordi Ballesta (ENSA-Marseille/photographer) Athens, a model of urbanity: Online
  • Mr. Ahmed Yassin (Banlastic) EN: The Alexandrian Plastic

Thursday 27.10.2022

  • Workshop “the sound and the city” by Ms. Delphine Monrozies
  • Ms. Delphine Monrozies (ENSA-Marseille) FR/AR: Marseille, an experience of social interaction in the public space
  • Closing discussion FR/AR: Delphine Monrozies & Ahmed Nabil, Alexandrian researcher, filmmaker (17 Fouad Street , The City Will Pursue You) and programmer for the modern library of Alexandria

Photos credit:the author

At 6 Bab Sharq, 25 October – 05 November

Curators: Léon Dubois & Mohamed Gohar

Thirteen Alexandrian artists are offering to the Alexandrian scene their own vision of Alexandria today through different mediums such as photography, linocut, sketches, and digital art. Far from the traditional iconography of the nostalgic cosmopolitan city, these artworks offer an image of the city today.

Photos credit:6 Bab Sharq

Participating artists:
Abdelrahman Ibrahim
Ahmed Abdelshafi
Hager Nasr
Kirollos Georges
Laura Wahied
Mohamed Essam
Mustapha Ashraf
Omar Eltahan
Reem Alaadin
Raham Ahmed
Tarek Essam
Tiana Kader
Zeina Eldanasoury