Alexandrie- Marseille , regards croisés

“Magnifique soirée à l’occasion du vernissage de l’exposition «Alexandrie- Marseille , regards croisés» fruit du travail commun entre l’ENSAM et l’Université d’Alexandrie sous la houlette du grand architecte et artiste alexandrin Mohamed Gohar . Une exposition où l’urbanisme répond au défi écologique et réinvente l’espace commun”

Consulat général de France à Alexandrie, Egypte

I had the pleasure of curating the exhibition Alexandrie-Marseille, regards croisés, which took place at The French Institue in Alexandria between the 2nd and 20th of October. The presentation highlighted architectural projects and ideas proposed by both Egyptian and French students to conclude their observations on the two metropolises.

It was a successful ending for a one-year cooperation project between Alexandria and Marseille. I really hope the Egyptian and French students were able to benefit from the exchange between the two shores of the Mediterranean. And that they were able to understand not only the differences but also the similarities and shared challenges. I wish this spark project will catalyze their minds to a better understanding of our interconnected Mediterranean basin.

The educational objective of this work was to immerse the students in the territory. It’s a form of exploratory research about city transformations, the notion of heritage, the question of the limits of the city, and the relation between the city center and the periphery. During the first part of the project, two residencies took place in Alexandria, in February 2022, and Marseille in March 2022. My role was to work with the students on building the urban observation in Alexandria and reflecting on the present state of the city’s culture and identity.

Photo credit: French Institute Alexandria

Thanks to everyone behind this experience:

  • Students of architecture in Alexandria and Marseille
  • Students of the French department, Faculty of Arts in Alexandria
  • Teachers of Alexandria and Marseille, Zeyad El Sayad, Dina Sameh Taha, Yasmine Adel Haggag, Delphine Monrozies, Rémy Marciano, Muriel Girard and, José Morales, École nationale supérieure d’architecture de marseille – ENSA•Marseille
  • Nicolas Memain from burau des guides in Marseille
  • Région Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Rougina Farag
  • The Consulat général de France à Alexandrie, Egypte and monsieur Mohammed Nehad Consul général de France à Alexandrie
  • The Institut français d’Egypte à Alexandrie
  • Merna Gohar for editing the video of the exhibition
  • Marianne Roux, a dedicated ambassador for Marseille in Alexandria, and for Alexandria in Marseille. One of those who were behind the project two years ago, connecting all those people together, and helping and supporting me and everyone in all stages of the project.

Photo credit: Author