Forgotten Entrances, exhibition at the French Institute Alexandria

In the framework of Écrire la Méditerranée Festival at the French Institute of Alexandria. The exhibition Forgotten Entrances was inaugurated on 19th of May 2022. This is a collective exhibition of my drawings/research and the photographs of Léon Dubois. Highlighting observations on Alexandria, and trying to describe the Image of Alexandria in the present time.

It is characteristic of the historiography of modern Alexandria to present the city dominated by its classical history without any reflection on the city of today where more than 5 million people live together. In order to understand modern Alexandria’s socio-cultural life, we need to understand who lived and still lives in the city. We need to study the general traits of each group of people in relation to where they came from and what has shaped them. Therefore we are trying to offer an alternative viewpoint to reconstruct Alexandria’s modern social history and understand how the different groups of people share the same places and interact with each other.

Photos credit: French Institute Alexandria

“The research/production is in the framework of the All-Around Culture programme, Youth-led cultural and civic initiatives. The Youth-Led Cultural and Civic Initiatives is co-funded by the European Union and implemented by L’Art Rue”