ULC, Urban Lab Camp Alexandria, 2021

In collaboration with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung FES. And in the framework of raising awareness for sustainable mobility and the environmental programs of the office of Egypt, I was honored to design the concept and co-moderate the 5 days urban camp in Alexandria between the 26th of September and the 1st of October. Aiming at understanding the walkable city as an alternative form of urban mobility, identifying new approaches to urban mobility planning, stimulating a shift towards cleaner and more sustainable transport, engaging the citizens in sustainable urban mobility through cultural education, and introducing digital tools that can make urban mobility more efficient and sustainable.

The Urban Lab Camp is a project that targets young urban planners, architects, artists, and those who work with the ambition of achieving sustainability in their cities. The program address core urban issues ranging from art in public spaces to urban mobility as well as air pollution and improving the livability of the city. It brings together young experts, academics as well as independent organizations and think tanks working on the challenge of achieving sustainable development in the urban fabric. The idea is to create a dialogue on social and environmental issues of our cities and to identify solutions through a participatory process where science becomes the core factor for decision making. It includes a series of lectures and workshops but also city walks and active participation initiatives. This year the program takes place in the city of Alexandria with the ambition of finding out the potential for active mobility repatriation in the city center.

The urban lab camp started with an inspirational talk about the deep ecology concept. Then passing through several theoretical and technical lectures and workshops. Resulting in designing a Concept and a set of tools for making urban transportation more sustainable based on economic, technological, environmental, engineering solutions.

More: http://www.egypt.fes.de

Photo credits: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung