Youth-led Cultural & Civic Initiatives 2021

In the framework of Youth-led Cultural & Civic Initiatives, I was selected alongside Léon Dubois to participate in the program that aims to encourage community-based and contextual projects using collaborative approaches and to raise knowledge and capacities of young artists, collectives, and cultural operators from underserved areas on the development of contextual work, and community engagement in cultural and civic activities.

In the framework of All-Around Culture, a program co-funded by the European Union, L’Art Rue is pleased to launch the open call for Youth-Led Cultural and Civic Initiatives in underserved areas of ENP South: Algeria Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, and the diaspora from Syria and Libya. The call is addressed to young artists, collectives, researchers, civil society activists, and cultural operators interested in developing community-based and contextual projects in their territory. The call provides a possibility to innovate, experiment, and engage in the contextual creation
processes, exchanges, and collaborations.

Our project is historical and social documentation of contemporary Alexandria and its different communities. Research on how people interact with the city, through the study of its spaces of interaction. Therefore, they will be focusing on downtown and the corniche as urban spaces of social diversity. The project’s outcome would be in the form of exhibitions combining drawings, photographs, and narration. The idea is to simplify the data collected to make it accessible through artistic means. For further outreach of their work, they will also create an online platform to present the artistic work as well as quotes and stories from the communities of those neighborhoods.

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Project cover
Photo credit: Mohamed Gohar