Poster design: “Le festival de cinéma francophone Les Bobines Alexandrines”

It was my pleasure to draw and design this poster of “Le festival de cinéma francophone Les Bobines Alexandrines” organized by Behna El Wekalah. This festival is under the sponsorship of the Institut du monde arabe, with the support of the Institut français d’Egypte à Alexandrie. In partnership with Université Senghor à Alexandrie en Egypte, Lycée Français d’Alexandrie, Leads Construction, University of Alexandria, Jesuit Cultural Center-Alexandria, Gohar Creative solution GCS as media sponsor and B’sarya.

Thank you Jean Michel for the invitation, my brother Mazen Gohar GCS, and my wife Marianne Roux for all your support, ideas, and brainstorming. I enjoyed the process of working with all of you.

“The Process”

This art work is inspired by the reach built heritage and culture of Alexandria, the port city and the gate to Egypt and Africa. The original watercolor painting is 40*60 cm size on Canson Mi-Teintes studio board of 3 mm thickness.

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