Salon Lambis

Sesostris street, Alexandria

Salon Lambis used to be written on the sign outside this barber’s. The name is not there anymore, as the sign has been painted over. For long time I was attracted by the very minimal but chic façade of the shop, the very rich interior and the vintage hairdressing tools inside. Finally, one day I decided to go and have a haircut so I could investigate, and ended up talking to the quiet middle-aged man working there.

Whatever, my haircut was a disaster, but I was happy to talk to the owner. Mr. Ashraf Ismail inherited this shop form his father who was working there before the original Greek owner leaves Egypt.

My article on The Guardian cities

2 responses to “”

  1. I’d like to purchase your work if I can afford it. I am moving to northeast US on cape cod. I always like to buy a new piece of art when I move into a new house.

    Can you ship to the US and do you have a price list.

  2. Do you ship th the US? I really love your work and writings. I too love architecture. I visited Leningrad in 1986. The architecture was exceptional. It was June so the days were long. A great trip.

    Do you have a list of price list? I’m moving to the northeastern US shore on cape Cod. Artists go there for the exceptional light. I like to buy a piece of art when I move into a new home.

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